I have been teaching Art workshops at Yoga retreats and they have proven to add variety to the yoga schedule, they are great fun and also beautiful way to release emotions after deep yoga practices.

 When I was doing my BA in Fine Arts in Central St.Martins,  I found myself using painting, performance for video, and live performance as a way to work out the deep emotional issues that I was undergoing at the time. Now, I use art as an extension of my meditation. I have realised though that the beautiful can only flourish once we deal with the darkness and pain of our personal lives.  So, come and talk, laugh, cry, or just sit  with me in silence for a guided meditation. Then let's move to my art studio and take some paints and brushes out. The result does not matter. Let's allow the subconscious to come to the surface through meditation and art and soon enough the brilliance of your heart will be reflected in your art!