This morning I got out of bed at 5 am so that I could do my meditation before going to cover an early bird class that was scheduled to start at 7 am.  London seemed particularly calm. It was drizzling and this somehow accentuated the strange but beautiful silence of a big city still asleep.  

I always add a theme to my classes, whatever I find myself working on for my personal growth, I use that as my theme for the day. Nevertheless, as this was going to be a completely new group of students, I decided to use a theme I was "familiar" with.  The need to Stop, and pay attention!

I got there 20 minutes earlier so I waited quietly in my car. By five to seven I realised that the street was still extremely quiet and no one had arrived to open the yoga centre. No students waiting outside the entrance either. Hmmmm, this sounds dodgy. Have I turned up on the wrong day?  But if I did, surely the other teacher would be here and about to teach his normal class...I checked my phone...boom! I am supposed to cover next week! is good Friday! duhhh! That is why the streets are so quiet and the birds seem to be singing louder! That is why I feel so connected to the atmosphere, the density of the air, the calmness in my heart. I am indeed aware of the world that surrounds me but...was I paying attention when I read that email asking me to cover? 

How can I teach a class on "Paying attention" when I don't do it?  Life is indeed such a school. I promise to do my best from today to read  my e mails carefully  so, I won't teach you to pay attention and to embrace every minute of your life with complete awareness until I start doing that myself! Hey ho, the beauty of being human!