Our dark side can be useful folks!

Every so often do you notice a negative part of you that jumps out when you least expect it?

I do! And I used to get very crossed with myself because you know, in the yoga world teachers have that image of what the perfect yogi should be like...Ha! How unreal is that! What an unnecessary pressure we put on ourselves! Or at least that is what I used to do. Sometimes....that need for perfection still hunts me.

Anyhow, my teacher's teacher Pandit Rajmani said in one of his talks about Tantra that we should never negate our dark side. That all we have to do is to notice it whenever it emerges and then use the energy and the strength of that same negative trait but for something positive.  If we try to hide or conceal our dark side, it will only become stronger, but if we see it as an observer and with the eyes, the distance and the compassion of the witness, we can extract that energy and apply it for positive transformation; then we have a great chance of continue to evolve as better human beings.

Let's say I have not forgiven someone from the past, and that anger manifests itself in reactivity... I could call upon that anger willingly when I am doing chaturangas, up dogs, down dogs! and this force will make me stronger during these poses.  This seems over simplistic but check it out!  You may be surprised!

Another example....If you are doing a sugar free diet and suddenly you become desperate for some chocolate... Observe where is the need coming from and just by taking the place of the observer you may notice that impulse becoming smaller... If this does not work then use the intensity of that desire to make a work of art! Or play your favourite instrument really loudly! Or chant OMMMMMMs until you become tired of chanting. I swear the anxiety and desire to eat the chocolate would by then have gone away! ...and if it doesn't? Eat the chocolate, it must mean your body needs it!