About New Year Resolutions. Creating a Sankalpa

On the first of January my class at Yogaloft was completely full.  For any teacher this is a beautiful feeling and I would like to take credit but I can't!  Simply because I could bet a million dollars that most Yoga Centres and Gyms all over the world had the same experience.

Why?  Most people have an inbuilt desire to grow and expand. Behind any movement there must be  firstly: "Shakti", which is the "power to become" and secondly; "Intention".  These two elements are the driving force behind any successful person.  If these two elements are stronger than the resistance (nobody said good things come easily), then we get more of what we want in life.

What happens during the first months of every New Year?  As a society we learn from an early age that it is accustomed to make a resolution. And so our minds know this is the thing to do but, as everything else, in time, if this resolution is not feed, this impulse wears out and we lose little by little the enthusiasm to carry with our goals.

The importance of writing a "Sankalpa".

San means: A desire that is born from the heart, from the soul.

Kal means: A rule that is followed above all others. 

Therefore a Salkalpa is: A desire that is born in the heart and that Will Be Done!

But please, please please!  Devise and write a Sankalpa from a true place in your heart. Allow the wisdom of your inner teacher to guide you word by word. Make sure that your resolution moves you in the direction of your Dharma. What is Dharma? Your unique life purpose! 

Tips for a Sankalpa to work:

1.- Write is in present tense and as if your desire has already happened.

2.- Repeat it at least three times a day

3.- Quit a vice! so you repeat your Sankalpa every time you have an "urge" for that vice :)

4.- Do Yoga Nidra at least three times a day.  I recommend my teacher's CD: "Relax into Greatness" https://www.parayoga.com/store/  You will love it! Relaxation has incredible healing effects in the nervous system and in the body.  Yoga Nidra is basically being asleep with a slight trace of awareness.

5.- Imagine you are having a phone conversation with a friend you have not spoken to for two years, on that conversation you tell him/her how you are thriving in your life so you say: "......." and that is good guide towards writing your Sankalpa!

Off you go! And never forget that everything you need is available within you!