I feel very fortunate to have found Giselle as a yoga teacher. For me her yoga perfectly balances the dynamic flow of Vinyasa and the asanas with pranayama and the philosophy and spiritual teachings of yoga, so you find a purpose with your practice each time. Giselle is a truly committed and sensitive teacher. There is no judgement or feeling of competition in her classes. You come out feeling relaxed and stretched yet invigorated. I have recently attended a yoga retreat with her, which was a wonderful experience and made me excited to attend another one with her at her own retreat in Portugal when that becomes available.
Susan Mercier

As a teacher Giselle is devoted to her students' progression, integrity and learning. She has a strong desire for disciplined success and achievement while being always compassionate, affectionate and adventurous. In her sessions, Giselle combines the physical, spiritual and psychological aspects with profound knowledge and to great effect.  As a student I have benefited significantly from her masterful guidance and sometimes, when necessary, also unwavering realism. Giselle's passion for her practice, teachings and students are an inspiration and her influence touches upon my daily life.

There is something quite unique and special about attending a yoga class with Giselle.  Her classes are, without doubt, the most profound I attend.  There is always an invaluable nugget to be gleaned or something that deeply resonates which means that her classes nourish not only your body but your mind, spirit and soul too.  I always leave my mat feeling uplifted and lighter, with a heightened sense of being and happiness.  I only ever miss her class if I am in another country, and that is always reluctantly.  I am grateful to the universe that this angel teaches a class I can attend, thank you Giselle, namaste.
 Nikki Wetherill

I return to Giselle's class every week because of her gentle and informed approach to yoga practice. She invites us to go inward with a focus on our unique process rather than the end result of an asana, it is a truly holistic, mindful attitude. I thoroughly enjoy the space she creates for reflective practice which is both challenging and relaxing!
Grace Hopkins

After Giselle's classes I always feel relaxed, happy and in peace with myself, even if I was stressed out, agitated or angry beforehand.
I feel I am in the best hands, there is trust and real connection.
Giselle has great knowledge about the body and soul; she is empathetic and tender; working with her students, looking after them, trying to find the best exercises for them all the time.
I feel, I always learn something new about myself. Doing yoga with Giselle and learning from her helps me so much on so many levels to tackle challenges and difficulties in my everyday life.

Orsolya Vithalm
Giselle brings to us all her ever-growing knowledge of yoga philosophy and practice.  This with her spirited, loving personality make every class a special experience.
Victoria Secretan

 I  had tried various different yoga classes and teachers over the years, yet never managed to find a teacher that really inspired me to return on a regular basis.  Then I found Giselle!  She taught and explained yoga to me in an incredibly special way, and finally I got it!!  I was inspired to come every week and could see my practise improving through her gentle encouragement and care.  I love her classes, and for me she is still the best teacher I have experienced.  As a true beginner I couldn’t have hoped for a better teacher to show me the “yoga light”.
Desley Sonaike

The reason I like to come to Giselle's yoga class is that she you effortlessly makes me feel strong, physically and mentally, her yogic words of wisdom, are a slice of calm in this fast moving city. Somehow she makes each class individual, focusing on our personal needs, thank you. I always look forward to it. It's just a shame there isn't another local evening class taught by her!
Fiona O'Neill

Giselle's warmth and kindness makes me feel very safe.  She is a wonderfully enthusiastic and committed teacher and she is always learning more herself. Her  classes leave me feeling both relaxed and energised.  I am always glad to have come even on the coldest, wettest winter night.
Emma Hart

Many thanks to Giselle of  Spandayoga who has helped me over the last year at my local Yoga studio to learn to breath  better. I have been attending her class for the last year and she is incredibly good at explaining the various aspects of Hatha yoga which I  have found fascinating.
Johanna Lindsay-MacDougall

I have enjoyed  Giselle's classes for the past nine months, finding them tremendously  beneficial, both mentally and physically.
Jean Michaeloudis