...with silence.  Tomorrow is a bank holiday Monday and somehow everything is so quiet that the  the crunch of edamame beans between my teeth is the only sound I hear. I bite, I munch and crunch, I swallow and then there is silence again. I pay attention, I become intimate with this silence, with the space around me. Now I also hear the key board each time I type....ah! and I can also connect with the soft and rhythmic tic-tac of the kitchen's clock.  Tic, tac and the key board. Nothing else. I stop. I pay attention again, looking for that intimacy with every thing and in every moment of my life.  Ahh! I was lying. Just when I believed silence and only silence surrounded me, inner sounds emerged from the deepest corners of inner space.  You see, I have been experiencing a mild "tinnitus" which I call: "My private ensemble".

Is this "my silence then"? Of course not. Silence just is. Like air just is. We could also say, like water just is, but I guess some people could claim ownership over some waters. Countries do, don't they? Do we ever claim ownership over fire?  And how about ether?  The same happens with love. And I am of the opinion that love also just is. It does not belong to you or me. But I think that is a subject for another blog... I did not mean to deviate, but in doing so, I become aware of the fact that everything is completely interconnected.  Interconnection and intimacy go hand in hand.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 23.01.26.png

Yoga helps us to develop the ability to become intimate with our lives in a deep and truthful way. How? Because through Asana and Pranayama practice we learn to be intimate with our bodies and with the energy flow that moves through us, just like currents run under the rivers and the sea.  

We can only become intimate with what runs inside of us: Energy, thoughts and feelings,  when we dive into silence.  

Only when we allow silence to enter our lives, we can fully enter our lives.

I pause. The Tic-tac and my "tinnitus" are friends tonight.  I enter my life whenever I pay attention. Otherwise life happens alongside me but I am not in it. Do you understand the difference?  Close your eyes and listen to sound. Inner sounds and outer sounds.  Pay attention, enter your life or it will slide away in between your fingers just like time does.

Crunch, munch, swallow...thank God for silence! Good night London.